Health Insurance for Three Generations

A common situation here in the United States is an older parent living with a first generation American. This older parent is often not a US citizen, meaning they don’t qualify for Medicare.

Here at Nefouse & Associates we have found a solution to this problem under the Affordable Care Act. We’re able to provide health insurance for the entire family, which is great for multi-generational families living under one roof.

How This Works

As an example, let’s say we have a grandmother, mother, and then children. The grandmother is not eligble for Medicare, but is eligible for health coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. So, what we do is take the entire household and apply tax credits at the Federal Exchange where, because the grandmother in this situation, is eligible because she is not on Medicare. The entire family may qualify for a tax credit, which is then applied to lower the monthly premium cost on all the members of the family, including the grandmother.

This is a great benefit for older immigrants that don’t qualify for Medicare because of their age. But now, we can insure the immigrant parents living with their children through the Health Insurance Market Place.

To learn how Nefouse & Associates can help provide health insurance for your entire family, contact us today!

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