Congress Aids Look At Exemption from Insurance Mandate?

Politico just released a story about talks of exempting Congress staffers from the Insurance mandate.

You can’t make this up!  These are very people that are suppose to understand the laws they pass.  Come to find out, very few of them have any understanding of the law.

Congress is worried about “brain drain” by losing young staffers and old staffers.  They think that these staffers are going to have to pay $7,000 a year for health insurance.

These staffers and aids are going to have the same options as the everyone else. The 1st option would be to purchase a health insurance plan through an Exchange. If the exchange is state based or Federal, then these people could apply for subsidies. If they qualify for subsidies then they would only pay a percentage of their household income for a health insurance policy.

So instead of Congress actually sitting down and trying to understand the law, they are discussing just exempting staffers and aids from the health insurance mandate.

It’s not very hard to figure out that we already have a “brain drain” going on in Congress.


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