The house is going to vote on repealing the health care reform.  Most news outlet are stating this is a symbolic gesture.  I think its a lot more than that. The healthcare reform bill is a huge gamble with 1/6th of the economy. The health care reform bill has done nothing to address the cost of care. The best way I can describe the reform is an attempt to increase benefits to reduce cost. The bill really fails to use math in calculating health coverages.

There are many states right now that are trying to figure out how they are going to pay for the reform. Most of this comes from an expansion of Medicaid. The carriers could pull out of certain markets because of restrictive laws regarding Medical Loss Ratio.  Some fear the law could keep companiesfrom hiring employees because they do not want to go over the 50 employee market. With50 employees that opens the doors to many penalties that come in the form of fines.  There is real concern with how the exchanges are going to be set up and if they can be set up on a state level.  There is so many issues that have not been clarified that it is many people are worried.

People that support the health care reform high light areas that sound good. No child under 19 can be declined a policy. This is a good thing but the carriers have pulled out of that market because the federal gov. would not put conditions so people don’t game the system.  Adults can stay on their parents group health plan until age 26 is being pressed as a very good thing.

There is huge discrepancies in what this bill is actually going to cost.

The health care reform is a huge gamble with our economy. The law need to be looked at openly. There is also another 1000 pages of the law that could be viewed as nothing more than an expansion of government into private lives.