SHOP: Multiple Choice on The Exchange for Small Groups

One of the points of the Affordable Care Act was to increase choices for insurance, both for small groups and individuals. That’s been the case, to a certain extent, but it’s worked out better in some situations that others. Under the ACA, the exchange is suppose to offer small-group health insurance choices. These plans would […]

Small Businesses Dropping Group Health Plans

Under the new health care laws, many small business owners are entertaining the idea of dropping group health benefits. This isn’t only happening here, but all across the country. Right now, there are projections on group rate increases for everyone. These projections have many small groups looking at a 30%-60% increase due to the Affordable Care […]

Talk About Health Care Reform

It’s very important that we continue to talk about health care reform. Ask people that are in the health care equation. Speak to your Doctor, Nurse, Pharmacist, and Insurance broker.  It’s important for everyone to know what the people in the health care field think about the current reform laws. Right now there is a […]

Health Insurance Sites & Portals

I have read a lot of  blogs that are posted online about health insurance. There has been a really disturbing trend in most of these non broker sites. This trend is that the site is giving health insurance advice without having really any knowledge of health insurance. These blog post are beautifully written and designed […]

Baby Boomers and Health Insurance

As the baby boomer generation get closer to 65 there are many challenges for them in both group and individual health insurance markets. If you are an employee that is 60 on a small group health plan you could be paying a large sum for health insurance.  One of the calculations for group premiums is […]