Health Care Reform In the Supreme Court

Today starts the first day of the debate on health care reform. It will be very interesting to see how the supreme court rules in the next 3 days.   Fox News reported on what a fine line the administration’s argument is on. Not having health insurance cause to get a penalty or a tax? The administration’s attorney had […]

CBO Projects Obamacare to Cost $1.76 Trillion

$1.76 Trillion for Obamacare The CBO released the cost of the Health Care Reform for the next 10 years. The congressional Budget office originally projected the cost of the reform at $940 Billion for 10 years. Now the CBO is projecting $1.76 Trillion for the next 10 years. Then in 2022 with another $265 billion for coverage expansions […]

Senator Johnson Questions Secretary Sebelius

  Senator Johnson Questions Secretary Sebelius Regarding Obamacare Cost Here is a questing  from Senator Johnson to Secretary Sebelius on the cost of the health care reform. The Senator has some of his facts mixed up and the Secretary seems to be unprepared for the questioning. The Senator was using cost estimate and predictions that had different time […]

Why The Health Care Reform Employee Tax Subsidies Could Cost You More

The Hill Under the new health care reform law, if an employer’s group health insurance is considered unaffordable — a cost to the employee of more than 9.5% of household income —  the employee would be eligible for tax subsidies through a health insurance exchange.  As the law was originally interpreted, if the employee was […]

How Does the Loss of Five Insurance Carriers In Indiana Affect You?

IBJ The state of Indianapolis recently lost five individual health carriers from the market. For those working in the health insurance industry, this comes as no surprise. Below are the five companies that exited and the reasons for their departures: American Community Mutual Insurance Co. American Community left Indianapolis due to insolvency. The company had […]

Bad News for Children on Medicaid and Health Care Reform.

Forbes reported on the Government Accountability Office study children on Medicaid have lower access to health care and quality. The study showed that Medicaid patients are 13% more likely to die than uninsured patients in a hospital. 66% of children covered by Medicaid were denied appointment with a specialist for an urgent medical condition.  The physicians do not […]

Middle Class Hoosiers will be Eligible for Medicaid

Huffington Post National Journal It looks like under the new health law if you have house hold income of $64,000 you will qualify for Medicaid benefits.  For Indiana and other states this would allow a lot of people the option of Medicaid. This could devastate health insurance markets over night and add a huge burden on the […]

Mckinsey Methodology

 McKinsey study just released the methodology that they used to generate the report. The group released questions and results by the people that took the survey. This study has become political so there will be arguments on both sides for and against. I looked at the survey and results. First thing that jumped out is over 35% […]

Future of Employer Health Plans

National Journal reported on the McKinsey and Co. study on how 30% of employer could drop group health benefits in 2014. The study predicts that employers that understand some of th health insurance law could find savings in dropping coverage.  This all depends on how the each state sets up the exchange plan. When you look […]

Appeals Court Hears Argument In Health Reform Challenges

The 4th circuit court of appeal heard oral arguments on the health care reform laws. It has been reported that the Judges were leaning to uphold the law. The challengers, the state of Virginia and Liberty University, have argued the decision to forgo insurance is not an economic activity that traditionally falls under Congress’ power […]