Walgreen’s Back In the Anthem Network

Walgreen’s rejoins Anthems Network Anthem just announced that Express scripts and Walgreen’s have reached an agreement.  Anthem members can use the Walgreen’s pharmacy as they will be considered a in network provider. Walgreen’s is a great provider of pharmacy benefit in the area. It is important to remember to check local pharmacies for the most competitive prices on medications.  The large pharmacies can […]

Anthem’s Disease Management for Indiana Small Group

Anthem recently launched Wellness 360. This site is to help members control and better understand their health care. There are a multiple of programs that can help with lifestyle changes and disease management. By using these programs you could reduce your health care spending by half and have a much clearer picture of your health. […]

Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act

Recently Wellpoint took some really bad press on the treatment of Breast Cancer. Some of that bad press was wrong. Anthem was accused of purposely rescinding policies of women diagnosed with breast cancer. This accusation was really way out of bounds. Wellpoint has paid for the treatment 10 of  thousands of women who have suffered from […]

Where does the Health Premium Go?

On average, 87 cents of every dollar you pay us is spent covering medical care and services that members receive like doctor visits, hospital costs, prescription drugs and more. So when the costs for these services go up, so must our premiums. Another 10 cents of every premium dollar funds the services we provide like […]

Indiana Dependent Health Insurance

As of September 23rd of 2010 dependent children can not be declined or pre-x from a health insurance policy. This is creating some interesting situations. Right now we have seem some carriers stop selling stand alone children’s policies which is concerning. I can only speculate why they have stopped. One reason is the carriers are getting […]

Indiana Tax Credits for Small Group Health Insurance

Under the new health care reform tax credits will become available for small business  health plans. The first issue to address does my company quality? With premiums increases every year a tax credit could help a small business keep a health plan in place. Effective January 1, 2010, tax credits are available to qualifying small businesses that offer health insurance […]

Why Health Insurance Premiums Keep Increasing

Anthem plans across the country are working to develop innovative products and programs that help address rising health care costs. Through pay for performance initiatives, consumer directed health plans and transparency initiatives; Anthem is providing access to the information needed to drive down health care costs. While many people may believe that insurer profits are […]