I listened very closely to the speech given by our president on the State of the Union. I concentrated very closely on the small portion dedicated to  health insurance.  The speech was very broad and in a sense contradictory to the Presidents actions for the last two years.

The fact the President stated that he is open to idea to fix the current law is a huge stepping point. There is so much in the  law that is wrong. We are still waiting for clarification on about 1000+ of the law.  Right not politicians are only speaking about a handful of things that are good for the individual in the law from a coverage standpoint.  When the President spoke about removing the 1099 aspect of the law for small business I thought that was great.  From a Math if you remove those taxes what is the Gov. going to tax next?  The health care law created 149 new gov. agencies. So it was difficult for me to hear the President talking about making Gov. more efficient.

When the true cost of this law comes to light I think most people are going to be in for a huge shock.  There is major concerns with the states and how they are going to pay for the expansion of medicaid. This year a lone we have seen premiums go up and not down and this came from the health care law and the essential benefits.  This health care law could implode our entire medical system because of cost.