Revision to health law  The president has allowed states the flexibility to tackle the health care law on their own as long as it reaches the goals of the federal government. This provision was already in the health care law but the president is moving it up 3 year so states can opt out in 2014. This might make it easier for states to file waivers.

A state’s waiver proposal must show that it is capable of providing coverage that is at least as comprehensive and affordable as that offered through new state-run health insurance exchanges, which also open in 2014. The state must also provide coverage to as many residents as the exchanges would have, and the proposal must not increase the federal deficit.

The states and federal gov. might have a really difficult time make plans affordable with out subsidies. The law has done nothing to really address the cost of care and I think that is where the real problems starts.

When I wrote this yesterday I thought we might hear some positive things about the Revision. Well I was wrong. A Lack Of Flexibility  It looks like the Governors have determined that without flexibility in the law there is no way for the meet the unrealistic expectation of the reform. The federal Gov. might have some problems living up to their own expectations.