As health insurance prices continue to surge we are seeing a higher demand for Surgical and Hospitalization health plans.

This type of approach for health insurance is being entertained in both individualand small group health markets.  These plans show a change in how we view health insurance. People are willing to take out a plan that covers the most expensive aspect of health care and that is surgeries.

A typical hospitalization and surgical plan has a lot of craves out that in the past have been automatic with health coverages. A big carve out is coverage for diagnostic services. So if a customer is on one of these plans and needs a MRI on their knee then they half to pay for it out of pocket but could still get the network discount. We are seeing plan designs that carve out all prescription drugs.

Someone might look at this plan and think this is too much risk to take on. Not really! If you look for a plan that covers all the carve outs on an inpatient basis then the coverage can be satisfactory.

As we move along with health care reform there is no premium relief in site. These type of plans are going to continue to get serious looks from consumers because they usually are 50%-60% less in premium than a traditional.

Do not confuse these plans with limited liability policies! Hospitalization and Surgery plans are true forms of insurance.