This is the first result of a carrier telling the Federal Government we just won’t sell that product anymore.  As of Sept 23rd 2010 of this year all Children under 19 will be eligible for guaranteed Issue on a stand alone health plan. This means they can not be declined or pre-x.

Golden Rule which is owned by United Healthcare has pulled out of the of that market. This is a negative thing because now we have less carriers competingfor that market.  When we have less carriers that is a reduction of competition and choices. Anytime we have less competition that leads to higher prices.

This is the first big response from a national carrier to  health care reform and it has gotten almost zero press.

If you are reading this and you  have a dependent children under 19 I would advise you to lock into an individual policy for them. If your able to get them on their own policy that contract could be grand fathered in and could save you thousands of dollars in premium.