Tony Nefouse’s Complete Guide to Group Insurance: “Networks”

We come to the point where you are ready to start reviewing group insurance proposals. Before you start receiving insurance proposals information about your company should be taken into consideration. Employee location has a large impact on what type of plans a company should be entertain. Does the employer have employees in other states, does […]

Tony Nefouse’s Complete Guide to Group Insurance: Request for Proposal

At this point, you are ready to start submitting proposals for group insurance. First-year Benefit Offering: If you are offering a group health plan for the very first time, there are multiple issues to be aware of. Hopefully, you have surveyed the current employees and know who is interested in electing coverage. As the owner, […]

Tony Nefouse’s Complete Guide to Group Insurance: Obtaining A Quote

Obtaining proposals for group insurance benefits can be relatively easy. There are multiple outlets for receiving bids. Most of the insurance companies have now set up in-house sales; this allows groups to go direct to the carrier to obtain a proposal. Some payroll companies have broker divisions in which they can provide suggestions. The best […]

Tony Nefouse’s Complete Guide to Group Insurance

Many companies will turn to the internet to search for insurance benefits. Since 1998, we have been helping these businesses obtain group benefits. In the beginning of the internet, very few people would go to the world wide web for insurance information. Today that has all changed, business owners want information at their fingertips. We […]

As We Approach 2018, How is Health Insurance of Indiana Looking?

Group Health Insurance Indiana We quickly approach Jan 1st, 2018, the state of health insurance in Indiana is nowhere near close to being stable. Individual Health Insurance The Affordable Care Act has failed every Hoosier that pays for or towards a health insurance policy. One segment of the population has benefited from the ACA, and […]

Did the ACA Effect Group Health Insurance?

Group Health Insurance Indiana When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) went active, a large a majority of Indiana small business dropped their group health plans and moved to the individual market. At first, this was an excellent option for reducing costs for both the company and the employee. Businesses that had little employee turnover, no […]

Group Health Insurance Participation

Group Health Insurance Insurance companies in both Indiana and the rest of country have always enforced participation requirements. Small groups (under 50 employees) and “Large” groups (50+ employees) have had to have at least 50% of the full time employees elect coverage. Insurance companies do vary on employee participation. Group Health Insurance for Small Groups […]

Indiana Group Health Insurance for New Companies

When a startup company launches, one of the last issues that is addressed is Group Health Insurance & employee benefits. The founders of the startup company, may have years of experience in their industry or are on the cutting edge of new technology. When it comes to Indiana Group Health Insurance, leadership may lack experience. […]

Small Business Health (SHOP) Options Ends

CMS announced on May 15th that they would end the Small Business Health Options (SHOP) program, effectively on November 15th 2017. The SHOP program allowed small business to purchase group health insurance through the Federal Facilitated Exchange. The goal, was to allow small business to offer multiple plan design and received a tax credit for […]

Going Back to Group Health Coverage

When the Affordable Care Act was put into motion, many small Indiana companies chose to drop their group health plan. At that time, it was the right decision for multiple of reasons.  To start with, individual plans were no guaranteed issues under the ACA.  One of the biggest benefits to group health plans is they […]