Government Accountability Office
Image by dcdan via Flickr

Forbes reported on the Government Accountability Office study children on Medicaid have lower access to health care and quality.

The study showed that Medicaid patients are 13% more likely to die than uninsured patients in a hospital. 66% of children covered by Medicaid were denied appointment with a specialist for an urgent medical condition.  The physicians do not want to deal with Medicaid.

With health care reform government is expecting 25 million people to join the Medicaid ranks.  This is going to lead to the rationing of care and two classes of health care.

Residents will be faced with tough decisions when it comes to the future of health care. Under the health reform law, if your house hold income is under $64,000 then you will qualify for Medicaid.  If you choose not to pay and take Medicaid the level of care will be much lower than an insured with private insurance.  There are now studies proving this. Most parents will never see the results of these studies because they will be suppressed.